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With Coronavirus dominating the news, we wanted to take this time to let you know what we have always done and continue to do to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Every table, chair and booth is wiped down thoroughly with sanitary wipes and sprays. We sanitize all staff and guest touch-points, including our entire kitchen, bartable surfaces, bathrooms, sinks, door handles, menus, and computer screens.

Throughout our hours of operation, you will notice staff wiping down different touch-points of the restaurant. We have alway, and continue to, keep our team informed and ensure that they do not come into work if they are sick.

Please remember that you can all make a difference by simply washing your hands with soap and water, as often as you can for at least 20 seconds, and use hand sanitizer when you feel the need to.

The Health and Safety of both our staff and guests is and always will be our top priority, and we are actively doing everything we can to ensure the well- being of all in the face of this outbreak.

– The Bedford Diner

Welcome to The Bedford Diner!!!

So what separates The Bedford Diner from other Bedford Restaurants? The most iconic restaurant in Bedford Hills differentiates itself from a run-of-the-mill diners by being a place where you’d actually want to order a steak or seafood, as well as the ever-popular bacon cheeseburger. Remember to save room for dessert — the banana-split sundae is a favorite. We look forward to serving you at The Bedford Diner!

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